Nebbia Legend of Today

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We took the best of the past and transformed it into the present. Get closer to the stars of today's bodybuilding and train in leggings made for the needs of hard-working men. Show us that strength training is not just about having a perfect summer chest. In these long men's leggings, you can prove it by revealing your calves. The elastic material will adjust to your thighs and make the quadriceps and hamstrings stand out. Pair the leggings with Legend-approved shorts for a timeless functional look.

Remember why you started.

Men's fitness leggings are a stylish piece that carries a whole range of practical and smart details. There are pockets on both sides where you can store your mobile phone or keys. NEBBIA waistband is perfected with little silicone "N-s" aka the STAY-IN-PLACE technology. The material is made from functional polyamide fiber, which effectively wicks away sweat and perfectly adapts to your body. The Mr Olympia logo on the side refers to the most prestigious bodybuilding event in the world. The entire collection was created in collaboration with The Olympia.

No shortcuts. Only 100% commitment and hard work. Keep up what you started!


1965 is a new men’s collection by NEBBIA that has a very special meaning. It’s made in collaboration with Mr Olympia, the most prestigious bodybuilding event in the world. Inspired by its heritage, we worked together with the top athletes to uncover the secrets of real champions and transform them into clothing. This collection will take you back to the golden age of bodybuilding, to the year when it all started. With 1965, we celebrate the golden era and Mr Olympia legends throughout history. And now you can celebrate with us, too! Embody the hard work and dedication of these bodybuilding icons and pay tribute to your fitness journey.

Brand Nebbia
Company's country Slovakia
Product type Leggings full length
Product name Legend of Today
Main colors black
Composition 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
Hashtag Nebbia_Legend_Of_Today
Country of Origin Slovakia